Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Key West 2014!

I am so thankful we were able to take a trip this winter!  Not only has this been a terrible Minnesota (and everywhere, I know) winter, but we got to travel with the family!

Like always, we chose Key West!  After throwing around other ideas we just decided we love it and you can never see everything, so why not?  Such a perfect choice! :)  This is our second trip with the full crew in under a year and a half here (a few pics from that trip here), and my fourth time.  Hope we can go again!

For my mom's Christmas present this year, we had surprised her with a photo shoot in Key West with a local photographer.  We have only seen one preview so far but love!  So glad we did this!

Here are a few (just kidding - photo overload!) of my pictures, and hopefully will get everyone else's soon!  Some of these have already been posted on my Instagram, but fun to see again!

We were rough when we got there but went straight to get dinner at Le Petit Paris, one of the many crepe restaurants.

We love crepes!

 Still rough, but then we had to get more crepes for breakfast!  This time at La Creperie, our favorite.

We stayed at the most amazing place!  It was right off Duval and had a perfect private pool.  Tyler was obsessed!

 He swam for HOURS everyday!

Nate waving to us from our third floor room.

The whole patio was so nice to have a place to relax in the heat!

We had to go to Santiago's Bodega again.  This is another of our favorite Key West restaurants.  I'm still craving the clams!

Too shadowy so we tried again.  Kimono love (and husband love)!

My "sangria" at Santiago Bodega (and Tyler looking cute in the background!)

Nate hates selfies but I make him pose!

Love this pic with my daddy on picture day.  I EASILY have the best parents in the world!

Nate and Tyler were twinsies on picture day!

Tyler made sure to get some good swings out of the walk.

Loved my polka dot pedi!

Typical poolside necessities (who else can't live without HGTV magazine?!?!)

Baby Blakey was SO funny!  He loves to dance, laugh funny, and stick his fingers in my belly button!  I don't love his last hobby!

More kimono love.  I wore that sucker with everything.

Baby Blakey posing for a pic!  So sweet!

You can't go to Key West and not stand at the Southernmost Point in the United States!

We always have to get an ornament on our trips.  After I got back I realized it was two girl flamingos.  Very Key West appropriate!  Loved it!

Spent one day at the beach to get a little ocean time.  So relaxing!

And of course had to have nachos on the beach!

My hunky hubs!  Let's see how long it takes for him to tell me to take this down. :)

Even lemonade tastes better on the beach!

Pic with my mommy!

We had to take the conch tour train one of the days.  No matter how many times you go, you can always learn new things!  I just like the tour around to see all the cute houses.

Dinner on the beach was one of our favorite times!  Open air restaurants aren't as common in Minnesota. :)

One of the last days I wore my favorite new shirt and necklace!

Nate's favorite restaurant - Blue Heaven.

Tyler liked it, too!

He loves selfies.

On the way back had to get a picture with my favorite sign!

We went to Margaritaville one of our last nights.  Super good wings!

Another favorite stop was the Half Shell Raw Bar for seafood!

Then Shannon had to stop for some Cuban coffee!

Caught the twinsies again!


And of course, had to get a picture with the pup wearing sunnies on the street!  I love all the Key West animals!

Like always, we had such a perfect and memorable time!  Obviously because of the company more than the location.  I really am not sure how I got so lucky to have such a great family but I do not take them for granted!

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  1. Looks and sounds like you are had a great time. Fab photos and fab kimono, I can see why you love it so much.

    X x