Sunday, February 9, 2014

What's In My Purse

Like the makeup bag post (which is due for an update!  I have been good and been doing my makeup at home!), I love these types of posts.  There is something great about peeking into someone's purse, don't you think? Maybe I am just way too nosy, but I love it!  When I was little I always wanted to dig around in my mom's purse.  She wasn't so supportive of that.  But to this day I would love to play in other people's purses and see what treasures they have!

I can tell you one thing that is NOT in my purse - money!  I am terrible about ever having cash on me - I know for safety you should always have some, but I truly never do.  Oops!

I always have a full purse  I like knowing that when in need, I have most things to save the day (who needs a tampon??  I usually have 40).  There is a ton more crap in all the inner pockets that wasn't exciting enough to share (hairspray, bobby pins, safety pins, hair binders, Aleve, etc).

Most of the items are basics.  Hairbrush, notebook, planner, hand lotion (required for MN winters), gum, a few makeup items, and a couple options (I always bring my own polish to the nail salon).

 My wallet and small makeup bag are MZ Wallace.  Sweet sweet MZW.

I still use a paper planner.  I can't give it up!  I need to get a new one because this planner ends in August, and that is just not enough calendar to plan ahead!  #nerdprobz

I am not a brand name girl, but when it comes to purses, MZ Wallace is all I will use!  I have had my purse since Christmas 2008 (from amazing SIL and bro) and it still looks pretty darn good.  You can just wipe with a damp cloth and these purses are spotless again!  For sure the highest quality purse I have ever had.  I just know it will last forever.  My favorite part is that it isn't emblazoned with logos.  I promise I wasn't paid by them (however that would be amazing!!), they are just the best purses ever!  Right now she is in need of a good wipe down but with the winter weather, it is almost pointless until it gets nice again!

This Jane shape is the absolute greatest!  Just the right amount of pockets and space.  Obsessed.

I have never purchased any of these purses at full price - a few times a year they will have super big sales and you can get great deals!  If you want black, those pretty much never go on sale.

The MZ Wallace Facebook page has a great album of some customer's amazing MZW bags and what the contents hold.  I submitted mine a long time ago and it is up there, too.  Woo!

I don't use that purse all the time anymore.  It is one of their leather type purses that can get worn faster.  I prefer the nylon - it lasts forever!  (This shape is the Alice - a little wider and shorter than the Jane).  But I am obsessed with this color so it still gets used.

So what's in your purse?  You know I want to know!

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  1. I feel like this disqualifies me from being a girl, but...I do not carry a purse. I have a Coach wristlet that was a gift several years ago. It holds my credit/debit/gift cards, insurance cards (why do we need so many??), 2 chapsticks, a lipstick and lipgloss (neither of which I ever remember to wear), oil blotters and some money. In a pinch my iPhone fits as well. That is all I need in most instances. Though for the brutal cold we have in Iowa I should be carrying hand lotion as well.

  2. I love purple, I also like to know what other girls carry on their purse and recently did a what's in my purse post as well. I need to do an updated one.