Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Christmas Pictures!

I love our card's from last year so much!  This year we didn't know what to do, but knew we would obviously have Lindsey take them again (she's the best).

I struggled with my outfit.  My Christmas instincts say to wear plaid, but I did that last year!  I then tried to figure out an outfit using my new skirt from my SIL, but shirts didn't photograph well with it.  Last minute decision was a reindeer t-shirt (J Crew Factory), red cardigan (Target), plaid scarf (Target), and knit hat (Target).  It worked well with our festive décor!  I look much more in the holiday spirit than Nate, but I would say that is a good example of how we both dress. :) I also did pretty similar makeup to last year with a few minor tweaks.

The little girls wore some Christmas apparel, too!

I loved these pics on our front porch!  My deco mesh wreath made the card!

We also took a bunch in the backyard with big lights and giant ornaments.  They were lit, but since we took these early afternoon, Lindsey had to do some magic to make them a little brighter in post production.

We always like having a close up of the girls, so to switch it up this year we had them on the ground near our feet with lights.  Kind of reminds me of those pictures that people put baby shoes next to their feet, but our babies for now are Brussels Griffons!  They were NOT cooperating for the pictures so I am impressed Lindsey caught this one!  Whew!

And our final card!

I know I am a broken record, but if you are in Minnesota or Iowa and want great pictures, call Lindsey!  These cards are WAY cheaper than Shutterfly or other picture sites, don't have the picture site's logo on the cards, and are unique and custom to you!  She does such an amazing job! 

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