Monday, January 27, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Sunday morning donuts are the best!  (So are Sunday morning coupons)

More recital fruit!  I know strawberries are out of season but I can't help eating them.

My desk looked sad on my last day!  Was excited for my new beginnings, though. :)

Have been craving Benihana so Nate took me!  Best day ever!

Ordered the Batiste dry shampoo I kept hearing about and so far loving!  Hooray for less showers!

Token cute sleeping pup picture. :)

Did some cleaning on Saturday - every part of our house looked like my makeup desk!

Chino Latino (yum!!) for Lindsey's birthday!

By far my FAVORITE outfit at the Grammys!  Must be the dancer in me, but she was the cutest thing ever in this!

The beyond frigid temps haven't stopped and our company closed the office today!  Attempted to work from home.

And last but not least, an update on what I ended up wearing last week after planning out some options.  These were also posted to my Instagram, so sorry if you already saw!

Monday was almost the same as planned.  I just switched out the tank for V neck tee and called it a day!

Tuesday was exactly as planned.  Woo!


Wednesday I switched it up because I had just purchased this top from Von Maur and wanted to wear!

Thursday got a mini switch - I wanted more color so I wore my Stella and Dot Marchesa necklace and teal J Brand jeans.  Much better! :)

 Friday I ended up wearing my striped blazer/cardi from Von Maur (old) with the Stella and Dot Bamboleo necklace.  Wasn't planned but I liked!

Now I am in desperate need to do more outfit planning so that should be coming soon!  Happy Monday!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Work Outfits Part 1

Hi!  Remember me?  I have been terrible at keeping up on here.  I do have a semi excuse - I start a new job Monday!  New job means outfit making time!  Like my usual outfit creations, I had to have inspiration pictures.  I have been in a definite winter slump and struggling to make cute outfits!  I wear the same clothes year round, just in different layers, so at times it can be difficult to come up with a new and exciting outfit. Inspiration pictures to the rescue!

I save tons of Fashion inspiration on my Pinterest page, so whenever I am in a rut I head here and try and recreate a few of them.  I know a lot are quite a big stretch, but anything to get me thinking with what I have.  PS - EVERY SINGLE PICTURE from here had a broken link on Pinterest, or went to someone's tumblr page so they weren't the actual owner, etc.  Drives me CRAZY when you try and click on a Pinterest picture and the link is broken or it goes to a random site with no information.  Grrr!  Makes me want to watermark my pics so that never happens with my site!

Let's begin!  I can wear jeans at my new job, which is awesome!  I absolutely LOVE this inspiration picture - her rocking bod doesn't hurt either.  But I love how it is professional yet fun with her leopard shoes and statement necklace.

I attempted to take a couple of these pics with my nice camera.  I don't think I am strong enough to hold up the camera and suck it in and attempt to pose.

Blazer: H&M, Necklace: Target (I think?), Tank: Target, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Leopard Heels: Guess


Weird - another blazer look.  I have saved this photo for a while, too.  I am still dying to get a pale coral blazer.  So pretty!  I love love love blazers because they look a little fancier, but are usually pretty comfy.  And you can usually find cute ones at Forever 21 or inexpensive boutiques.  

Again, definitely a stretch but it made me pair these two pieces together that I normally wouldn't!

Blazer: Forever 21, Tank: Express, Jeans: MiH, Flats: Von Maur (sorry about my awkward partial turn out.  I swear this is cuter in real life).


Close up of the earrings! $2!  (Heartbreaker - local MN boutique)

Clearly I am dying for color in all of this dreary weather.  Can't take much more of it!  Love this inspiration pic to keep me happy in brights!


I kind of flip flopped the colors but it works!

Top: Express, Cardigan: Target, Necklace: gift from mom in Key West, Jeans: Alloy, Flats: Steve Madden


Normally Kim Kardashian's outfits would be hard to remake, but this one is easy!


I still want to find a better pair of black jeggings.  These are little stiff and I want a pair that are sleek and comfy! (sorry about the giant camera strap).

Blazer: Forever 21, Tank: Target, Necklace: Francesca's, Skinnies: Alloy, Heels: Jessica Simpson


Both of these outfits are soooo cute, but I knew I could recreate one of them almost exactly!


My version isn't as cute, but I tried!  I wish my sweater was a little looser, then I wouldn't be so judgmental of myself. :)

Sweater: Macy's, Blouse: NY&Co, Necklace: Express, Jeans: Alloy, Boots: Heartbreaker


I have a large obsession with Courtney Kerr, her show, blog, and most importantly, her style!  I stalk her Instagram daily to see her outfits and she ever disappoints.  This photo wasn't so much an exact inspiration, but reminded me of one of my favorite shirts.



Love this shirt!  I wish I had some green skinnies.  Then I would really love this outfit.

Top: Old Navy, Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: MiH, Flats: Steve Madden


I'm always looking for ways to wear my plum jeans, and when I saw this on Instagram I was in love!



Such a simple but cute look!

Top: Old Navy: Jeans: MiH, Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Steve Madden


And last but not least, I didn't have an inspiration picture, just want to wear it.  So sue me!

Top: Target, Skinnies: Alloy, Boots: Heartbreaker, Necklace: Francesca's

I will post on Instagram what I actually end up wearing.  I am going to start up the #30dayclosetremix like I did last year.  Force myself to be accountable and try to keep this up!

I also had Nate order an outlet protector since my goal is to actually do my hair more often for work. The biggest problem - I worry I leave my flat iron plugged in and have anxiety all day long that I left it on.  Problem solved!

Are you in a winter fashion rut?  What tips do you have to get out of it??

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Last Vikings game ever in the dome!  Bittersweet.

My SIL also collects personalized ornaments each year.  Love her collection!

Christmas came down on New Year's Day. :(  The house looks so empty now.

We have definitely been suffering through the polar vortex!  Chimi is not impressed.

Sprinkles got a hair cut!  Pretty girl!

We have started working in more organic/GMO free foods thanks to Jina!  This one is DELISH!!

So is this one!

More cold snugglers. :)

Our house has been a hot mess!  Goal this weekend - clean!!

 Back to my favorite polish color ever - OPI Mod About You.

Wearing the Marchesa necklace from my grandparents!  Love!

Stocked up on some of my makeup must haves.  I have been in a makeup rut so I sense a makeup post in the near future!

And of course one more of the girls.  They are just too cute!

Happy weekend!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Christmas Pictures!

I love our card's from last year so much!  This year we didn't know what to do, but knew we would obviously have Lindsey take them again (she's the best).

I struggled with my outfit.  My Christmas instincts say to wear plaid, but I did that last year!  I then tried to figure out an outfit using my new skirt from my SIL, but shirts didn't photograph well with it.  Last minute decision was a reindeer t-shirt (J Crew Factory), red cardigan (Target), plaid scarf (Target), and knit hat (Target).  It worked well with our festive d├ęcor!  I look much more in the holiday spirit than Nate, but I would say that is a good example of how we both dress. :) I also did pretty similar makeup to last year with a few minor tweaks.

The little girls wore some Christmas apparel, too!

I loved these pics on our front porch!  My deco mesh wreath made the card!

We also took a bunch in the backyard with big lights and giant ornaments.  They were lit, but since we took these early afternoon, Lindsey had to do some magic to make them a little brighter in post production.

We always like having a close up of the girls, so to switch it up this year we had them on the ground near our feet with lights.  Kind of reminds me of those pictures that people put baby shoes next to their feet, but our babies for now are Brussels Griffons!  They were NOT cooperating for the pictures so I am impressed Lindsey caught this one!  Whew!

And our final card!

I know I am a broken record, but if you are in Minnesota or Iowa and want great pictures, call Lindsey!  These cards are WAY cheaper than Shutterfly or other picture sites, don't have the picture site's logo on the cards, and are unique and custom to you!  She does such an amazing job! 

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