Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Sprinkles turned 6!

Chimi and I love our new Walmart blanket!  Snuggle fest!

Ordered these earrings and dying for them to come in the mail!  Could not be more perfect!

My first time getting gel nails!  So far so good!  I can never switch completely because my polish collection is too large...

Started up my puzzle for this year!

This face warms my heart.

So does this one.

Aren't my nephews the sweetest things you have ever seen????

My new addiction - whip cream on my iced coffees!  Delish!

Picked up some supplies for our Christmas card pictures with Lindsey!

Love getting holiday treats!

I had a five day break for Thanksgiving!  So glorious and needed!  The girls loved having me home as well.

They helped me with my puzzle.

Ordered window breaker/seat belt cutters for our cars and my parents.  Hopefully we never need but feel safer knowing they are in our cars!

Thanksgiving was a success!

The day of our Christmas pics the girls were all set and ready!  We had to have our own little photo shoot of them because they were so funny!

One of my longest childhood friends was in town!  So much fun!

Can't stop with the whip.

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend!

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  1. So fun! Where are those earrings from?

    1. Here is the link! I want them to arrive now! :)

  2. Ordered! Thank you!! :-)