Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

My first red cup of the season!  I don't get them often because I usually stick to my black iced teas, so this was a special treat!

Work trip to Green Bay!  Pretty uneventful work-wise, but we had fun!

And of course we found some Christmas!

Wanted to stock up on treats for work so I had to get all holiday treats!

Cupcake tree is almost ready!

My parents sent us fruit!  Such a sweet gift now that it is getting wintry outside!

Ty got some, too!  He cracks me up!

Added more ornaments to the ornament garland...

...and put it up!

We are slowly adding more Christmas each day...I hope to finish tomorrow!

Our current favorite meal - honey walnut shrimp from Pho 83.  Soooo good!

Little girls in their morning nap spots.  They make me giggle.

I'm always trying to wear something holiday-ish.  Today I think I went overboard.

Friend craft day!  Made a wreath for Kristin...

and reindeer canvas for us!

I have had this reindeer canvas pinned FOREVER so I'm glad I finally did it!  Well, my friend basically did it for me.  Thanks Ac! :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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