Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Decorating

We have finished our holiday decorating!  The cupcake tree is complete, so the main floor was the biggest area to tackle.

Warning - this is very picture heavy!  I am cutting this in half and posting the rest in the next day or so!

I started small and put up the mantle, banister garland, chair covers, and kitchen Santa.

Then this past weekend, we released the hounds!  The house becomes a disaster for a day or so while we get everything out.  But it is worth it!

Sprinkles usually likes to stay in a safe place with little commotion, but where she can watch the Christmas explosion.

Nate helps...a little. :)  Got him to fluff a few branches.

These ornaments are one of my most treasured Christmas items.  Nate and I have gotten an ornament every Christmas since we have been together!  We haven't purchased this year's yet - not sure what to do.  I posted this on Instagram and got a question where we get these.  All over!  Usually mall kiosks or pop up Christmas stores have a huge selection.  The Key West one was from a gift shop on Duval Street in Key West.  Love these so much!

I always put them on the tree first to make sure they have the best spot.

Then we add the rest of the ornaments!


She's a beaut at night!

Nate tried hopping in to ruin the pics!  Then he became the star and didn't like it so much...

...and he went running away!

I always add this cute pillow to our green chair.  I think it was made for this spot.

We are ready for Santa!

The sideboard is looking much better this Christmas.  We ordered a table runner from Etsy and it looks a lot more festive.

I love these dancing reindeer my mom got me last year!

The dining room stays pretty simple.  We need room to eat our holiday meals!  How cute is the Pinterest project up on the wall??

Will post the remainder of the decor this weekend!

So confess...have you started??  Coming home to a decorated house makes me giddy!

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  1. Inside is done all but one last tree in the keeping room, and that goes up tomorrow. 2 x 7" trees with colored lights downstairs and 2 trees on the main floor. 1 is 12" with clear lights and one is 7" with blue lights only! Garland, check. Nutcrackers, check! We only leave the outside for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I like to light the inside up on Thanksgiving day. I takes me the ENTIRE month of November to do all the decorations we I can't wait long after Halloween to start the process or I can't finish...

  2. where did you get your tree topper...for cute.

  3. Looks amazing. Can't wait to dress our house but we have my daughter 18th to celebrate first.

    Loving the hat and legs on your tree, so very different.

    X x