Sunday, November 17, 2013

2nd Annual Cupcake Tree!

Christmas is popping up all over our house!  You might have already seen the sneak peek on my Instagram, but now the cupcake tree is complete! 

It is SO much more decorated than last year, but I guess that makes sense because last year was my first year putting up this tree!  I found quite a few new items from Hobby Lobby during their sales, and picked up a few touches here and there from other random places.  Love it!

I added a couple items to the end table and my computer desk.

The wreath also has some additions - I got these lollipops on clearance after Christmas last year from Target.

Definitely still need a sparkly tablecloth to hide the ugly table holding the tree, but I haven't seen anything quite right yet.

Love this little friend on the couch.

Sprinkles loves the festivities!

Makes me hungry!

Now to finish the downstairs...we are almost ready for Santa!

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