Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 has already been epic!  At work on Friday we had a party over lunch for a coworker who is moving, and also celebrated Halloween!  The little girls wore their Star Wars costumes and one of my friends put some Princess Leia buns in my hair.  We were set!

Chimi was sleeping on the job.

They were good little workers!

Then on Saturday we had a Halloween party at a friend's house and we went as Buddy and Jovi!

All my friends commented they couldn't believe I made Nate do this but HE was all about it!  Nate was legit Buddy the Elf growing up, always WAY taller than his classmates and so adorable!  This picture isn't the best example but the only one on my computer (see Natey, far left in the red sweater?  So cute!).

We had to watch the movie while getting ready.

I attempted a pink frosty makeup look.  Not sure if I achieved it but I still liked it!

I ordered some long red leggings from Amazon and something most have happened with the package.  It said estimated delivery on Thursday and as of Saturday, still nothing.  We ran around looking for red leggings and I found some workout ones, but they had a big NIKE logo on the back.  Sprinkles felt my pain.

Added some Christmas socks from my collection - problem solved!

We are ready!

Little girls always have to be in a pic!

The party was super fun!  Lots of good food and I made new furry friends like always!

Love these girls!  Can't show the picture of the boys.  There is one particularly naughty costume!

Such a fun night!

Hope everyone is enjoying lots of fun Halloween festivities!

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  1. Those are amazing costumes. I wish my husband would dress up for Halloween.