Friday, October 4, 2013

Couch Switch Up!

I know I'm always posting on Instagram so this is old news if you already follow there, but it is still exciting in our residence!  We had been casually looking for couch replacements for the front room and upstairs loft and were planning on waiting a while to spread out the home costs.  Then we found a deal that was too good to be true on Overstock!  It is a set that included a tufted love seat and couch, so it was the perfect find.  Clearly we love the tufted look in our house since our bed is as well!

The front room looks great!  We still need to figure out a wall color (particularly since the couch now matches the walls) but I love the look it has as this is the first impression when you walk through the front door.

My next idea (Nate cringes...) is to eventually get built ins in our family room, and move one of those shelves into here!  Our neighbor (with the same floorplan) recently put in some built ins and they are gorgeous!  My beef with this room is that there is no storage or display area.  The current table has WAY too much stuff on it and at Christmas I can't put as much stuff in this room!  Patience is not one of my strengths... :)

The upstairs loft also received a face lift with the new love seat.

All of the updates we did in here look great with it!  It feels like it is meant to be and not an after thought up here anymore.  Happy happy!

Some of our friends just moved and didn't have furniture for the basement so we are glad the couches went to a good home!  They were super comfy so I am sure they will love them!

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