Sunday, August 11, 2013

Upstairs Redo!

We have been slowly working on the upstairs loft area and are SO excited it is (mostly) done!  It was all little updates but to me made a big change.  Remember the "before"?  Now check out the after!

I love reading other home blogs and was inspired by Cuckoo4design's gorgeous living room colors!  I saw that she had similar curtains to us (remember trying to get these up?) and it looked gorgeous with her mix of light grey, turquoise and tiny pops of purple.  I knew that those colors would be my inspiration!  Obviously my space is much smaller, but this is more like my "office" at home so I still wanted it to feel like me and be cozy and slightly whimsical.  I mean, Sprinkles cupcake bed is in here (taken over by Chim Chim in this pic).

The biggest (and most difficult) decision was the wall color.  As I shared before, we struggled finding the right shade.  We ended up going with Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers and I love it!  It is just dark enough that you can tell the wall color changed, but still light enough to feel fresh and happy with our white trim.  This is one more area without the tan walls and it feels amazing!

As for decor, on girl's weekend, we had an epic stop to Hobby Lobby.  Remember this cart?  I hit the jackpot on all things turquoise/light grey/chevron.  It was just too perfect for my vision for this room!

I didn't end up getting the exact mirror you see in the cart, but found a better one this same day!  There was a clearance mirror that had a bit more character that all my friends were saying I needed to do instead and just paint.  Of course I forgot to take a before picture of the mirror, but the finish had sort this type of look to it:

After we bought out Hobby Lobby we went to Walmart and picked up some spray paint and went after it!

It looks so nice on the wall now!  It is a darker color of turquoise than the rest of the area but it looks ok because it is on it's own wall.

The rest of the Hobby Lobby accents I found worked out perfectly in the space.  I love this mini section of pieces with our HomeGoods table.  It worked out perfectly to put our Brussels Griffon wedding cake toppers and wine glass on the wall shelf next to a picture from our special day.  I love this little corner!

I picked up this chevron pillow in the Hobby Lobby spree, and found the turquoise pillow at Pier 1.  The purple one I have had since my old condo from Pier 1 and thought it will work for now up here.

I finally have a permanent spot for my beloved lighted sticks that we received as a gift from our wedding.  Found this vase at Target and loving!  This is right next to where we store some of the little girl's toys (classy, I know).

Obviously I need to fill/change out some of the picture frames and I do still want to get a lamp and new love-seat up here someday (eyeing this one) but for now the loft is complete!  I cannot wait to see what my cupcake tree will look like up here this Christmas!

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  1. Looks awesome! Thank you for mentioning me.
    (PS: I love how your pups are lying on the top of the steps...frog legs ;)

    1. Of course! Thank you for inspiring my color scheme! :) Haha! I know - total frog legs. :)

  2. where is your love seat from? I'm looking for something similar.

    1. I think it is from HOM Furniture, got it in about 2006 is my guess? I'm guessing they still have something similar!

  3. SOOOO fresh! Love it!