Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Friday!

This Fashion Friday is mini, but one of my favorites!  I have some of the cutest, most stylish friends (who may or may not kill me) but are just too adorbs to not share!  Here are some of their recent looks - thanks for sharing with me, friends! :)

First, my friend Rachel (one of my maids) sent me options to wear to a country concert last week.  Both outfits were cute, but this was beyond!!  Let's all notice that Rachel is like a Victoria's Secret model; perfection in every way.  She wore a cute zip up corset and denim shorts with cowboy boots! 

Corset: Guess, Shorts: Buckle BKE, Boots: Aldo

My good friend Amber had a bachelorette party to go to last weekend and was wondering what to wear.  Similar to Rach, she dressed up some cute jean shorts!  I finally gave up my hatred of wearing shorts because of my legs and now love them, so I am obsessing over these cute shorts outfits!  Amber has a ROCKING bod (and she has two kids - I know, impossible to believe!) and just worked this outfit! Amber and I also have big dreams of owning a boutique together someday.  Aahhh girls can dream.

Cardigan: TJ Maxx, Necklace:  Stella and Dot, Shorts: Express

Lindsey sent me a pic yesterday of her new necklace that I died over!!  The colors could not be better and it is just whimsical and perfect!  I might have to borrow this puppy from her soon...

Necklace: Zulily

Last but not least, Lindsey took engagement pics of my adorable friend Melissa and her fianc√© and they look like a Pinterest pin!! I love how all the pics turned out - they have a total romantic vintage feel.  Great job Linds!  Can't wait to see the rest!

Dress: Wet Seal (I KNOW!!), Heels: DSW

Photo by Lindsey Koch Photography

Happy Friday!
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