Sunday, June 16, 2013

Patriotic Wreath

As we all know, deco mesh wreaths are my craft of choice and I take them very seriously!  My newest addition to the collection is my patriotic wreath!  I made one for my parents lake home (seen here) and then needed to make one for our house!

I thought I was going to make pretty much the same wreath as the one I made for my parents, but then found this hat at Pier 1 and changed my plan!  How cute is this??

I purchased the deco mesh, wreath form and striped wire ribbon at Hobby Lobby and the blue stars ribbon at Walmart.  These things are so easy to whip up!  Love having a craft that is idiot proof! :)

Then the hardest part was figuring out how to attach the hat!  I even reached out to my crafty friends on Instagram for help!  The consensus was that we needed to drill some holes in the hat.  That was scary, because I love this hat and was worried it would split in half or something but it didn't!

We put one hole in the brim of the hat to connect to the side of the wreath...

...and then two holes on the upper back of the wreath to anchor in place near the top!

I am no longer afraid of drilling (well, of Nate drilling for me) to get the look of wreath I want!  The possibilities are now endless!  I see lots of Santas, witches and giant hearts in our future...

Happy (almost) Independence Day! :)

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