Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Dining Room Light Fixture!

Minor house update - the new light fixture we ordered a while back for our dining room finally arrived and we are pumped!

Nate was so good and started working on it right away last Thursday.  We had a minor snafu of getting the correct height for the fixture, so it wasn't done when I left for my work trip to Atlanta last weekend.

But I had a nice surprise to come home to on Sunday!  Yahoo!

As you can see in EVERY PICTURE we are still figuring out our wall colors.  The grey on these walls is probably the winner!

Chimi photo bomb.

Now here are way too many pictures of it from every angle.  Can you tell we are excited?

Once we get the walls painted and figure out our accessories I think it will look so nice!  It adds some insta-glam that was needed in here.  Hooray for house updates!

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