Saturday, June 1, 2013

House Progress!

I don't have any finished areas to report, but there has been definite progress at our residence!  I have given a basic lowdown of our current main floor, upstairs, basement, and under porch states and am excited that we are a baby step closer to semi finished states!

Our biggest piece of progress is outside.  We did find a great company through a referral to put in pavers and landscaping under our porch and also fix a few landscaping details around the house.  We literally hired them Monday, and on Friday they had planted many of the items!  LOVE how on top of this they are!

We had some sandcherrys on the front of the house and I wasn't in love with them, and our landscaping company said after about seven years they die from a fungus.  So out they went and in went hydrangeas!  I cannot wait to watch them grow and bloom!

We also added a Tina Crab Tree (if you Google it there are girls actually named Tina Crabtree - made us giggle) and already love how much it adds to our curb appeal!

We had more sandcherrys down the side of our house (remember here?) that we had replaced with larger hydrangeas.

Plus some on the other side of the house.

Obviously the outside isn't finished, but again, LOVE seeing the progress and action!

As for the inside, we are not quite as far.  We have easily spent $150 on paint samples - none are quite right.  We have been hunting for our dark accent color for the dining room and a few accent walls, and have quite a few options.  Some are too blue, some are cement looking, some too purple.

We did order a new light fixture for our dining room and cannot wait for it to arrive!  I think once this is in the room we will be able to figure out if any of these accent colors will work right away!

Then for the other areas of the main floor we wanted to do a lighter gray, but again, no such luck.  Some too white, some too silver, some too blue, a few too dark...the list goes on!

The loft also has a bunch of swatches and I am guessing I can figure out one that will work.  There is no clear standout at this point but I just need to decide and be done with it!

One piece of progress in the loft are my sticks!  I found a fun Target vase for my lighted sticks that I have had since we got married sitting in a box!  Feels good that they now have a home.  Growing up, my friend Ellen's mom had lighted sticks/trees in their living room and I always thought they were so magical.  Makes me happy and reminiscent to have some!

The layout is still TBD in the loft, but getting closer!

A new addition to our (or my) never-ending to-do list is that I want to paint my junk room a fun aqua/mint/turquoise type color, and this might be the winner!  It is definitely bright, but I need a bright cheery room to escape the wall-to-wall taupe!  This color is Benjamin Moore Waterfall.  If I am not totally sold on this in the next few days I want to try Benjamin Moore Misty Teal and see how I feel about that, but this could be it!  I also want my junk room to eventually morph into more of an inspiring craft room, but the junk needs to go before that can happen!

So as you can see, we have definitely been busy trying to figure things out!  It is VERY frustrating and hard to decorate when both parties have different ideas of what they like.  I slightly envy you ladies that have significant others that let you decorate how you like and I feel the pain of you others that struggle like me!  But I know we can do it and are on our way!  :)

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  1. Hey Laura! For the gray color you're trying to find - we used "Pussywillow Gray" in our upstairs bathroom and it seemed like the truest gray ever. It's a Sherwin Williams color. But usually other companies have color "equivalents" for their competitors. Good luck! We also used the color "Watery" by SW in our daughter's room. It's like a lighter Tiffany blue and might be what you are looking for in your "cheery junk room." :)

    1. Hi JJ! I definitely will check those out - we are up to our ears in paint and so over it! I am going to be in Des Moines in 2 weeks and would love to see you and your place if you are around!