Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday!

I am about to embark on my third weekend in a row out of town!  I am getting semi overly exhausted, but keeping my eye on the prize (sleeping in next weekend)!  So since I have had zero time to do anything, I thought I would plan my Fashion Friday post and pack at the same time!

The last two weekends I have driven to Iowa (Clear Lake and Des Moines) so since I was driving, I could bring as much as I want.  I used my massive polka dot suitcase for each of those trips, and was there for either one or two nights.  So sue me!  This weekend I am traveling for work, so if possible I want to pack a carry on for two reasons: save the company a little money to not have to pay to check a bag, and even more importantly - lost luggage!  My friend Rachel and I have a lost luggage horror story from 2007 - maybe someday I will share. :)

Bring on the panic!  Just kidding, I'm pretty sure I can do it.  First up, create outfits!  I have already posted how I pack and plan my outfits, but now this is how I pack and get it all in this dinky carry on!

First up, I select and photograph the outfits like shown in the other posts.  This trip I didn't have any inspiration photos, but I had a few new pieces that I knew I wanted to wear.  My destination should mostly be in the mid 80s, so that makes life a little easier.

For the plane my mama always taught me to wear long pants!  You don't want your bare skin touching everyone elses juices!  (Gross, sorry).  So I almost always wear jeans, and then I don't have to pack heavy jeans, too.  I also try and wear my biggest shoes to save space.

Next I have three more professional (I know this isn't a full suit, but this is our professional!) outfits for the work days.  I only have two days of work, but you never know if you will spill, not love your options, or just decide to wear something else!  I try and pick items that won't get crazy wrinkly through travel and are somewhat comfy for the long days.

Chimi's buns photo bombed! :)

Then I have three nighttime or casual outfits.  Most likely only one (maybe two) of these will be worn, but I like to be prepared!

Sprinkles didn't photo bomb - she legit hopped in the pic!

Last, I have my final airplane outfit home.  I try to wear the same jeans and then just a different top.

So now on getting it all in my tiny carry on!  I used to be a roller and would roll everything (and sometimes still do) but I recently have been trying to have as few creases as possible in items when I arrive, so I have been folding only as many times as necessary.

I put all underoos in the mesh section (and I over pack undies times 100.  Not OK to be 'roo-less!)  Hey Sushi!

Last I add my shoes in baggies.  Cannot let them touch my perfectly packed clothes!

I got all of my pieces in with some room to spare!  I will add my toiletries and flat iron and be good to go!  My makeup goes into a smaller bag and then into my purse.  Not enough room for that in the suitcase. :)  And most importantly - my drugs to fly are in my purse!  We have had massive storms traveling through - please say a little prayer for us to have a safe and smooth flight! :)

Happy weekend!

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