Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Love lazy weekend mornings!

Realizing my patriotic decor is lacking!  I have two things - my patriotic wreath and these firecrackers from Pier 1!  Need to stock up after the holiday with sales!

Watching my favorite trashy shows with the little girls.

In the last 8 days I have had 7 bags of this stuff.  Someone take it away!!

Nate's cousins are having their second baby!  Cute way to announce the gender!

On one of our nice evenings outside this week I decided to go patriotic with my nails!

Dinner with Lindsey this week!  Deliciousness at The Lob.

I made it through 12 straight work days!  With the help of this pretty lady.

Friday night relaxation on the porch!

Our garden has been looking so pretty!  Loving the colors.

My Sunday morning wake up call.

Oldie but a goodie - recital fruit!  (Strawberries, mandarin oranges, marshmallows and bananas = amazing)

Stocked up on cute Walmart items to get ready for the 4th at the lake!  So excited!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Dining Room Light Fixture!

Minor house update - the new light fixture we ordered a while back for our dining room finally arrived and we are pumped!

Nate was so good and started working on it right away last Thursday.  We had a minor snafu of getting the correct height for the fixture, so it wasn't done when I left for my work trip to Atlanta last weekend.

But I had a nice surprise to come home to on Sunday!  Yahoo!

As you can see in EVERY PICTURE we are still figuring out our wall colors.  The grey on these walls is probably the winner!

Chimi photo bomb.

Now here are way too many pictures of it from every angle.  Can you tell we are excited?

Once we get the walls painted and figure out our accessories I think it will look so nice!  It adds some insta-glam that was needed in here.  Hooray for house updates!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

We are working hard on making Sushi and the pups love each other!  These two have it down!

Love how pretty the green grass looks with our red umbrella!

We have been having some scary storms!  One that came out of nowhere pushed all of our items to this side of the porch!

Right after Nate stained our front porch (and put all this stuff in the way so you couldn't get on the porch) some genius person threw a phone book onto the wet stained porch!  Ugh!  (PS - who uses phone books anymore??  Save the trees!)

Was very impressed with my self mani job that I had to document!  Color is Essie The Girls Are Out.

Every morning after getting ready I find the little girls in the exact same spots.  Chimi will be snuggled into the covers and Sprinkles will be in the closet in Nate's laundry basket.  They make me giggle!

Threw this outfit together and actually really liked!  Cardigan was a gift, tank from Old Navy, skinnies from Alloy.

My first ever maxi!  I try them on everywhere and have never found one long enough!  Found this beauty on the Von Maur clearance rack!  OMG!

Our peonies bloomed!  So fun!!

More Mod About You.  Duh.

Work trip to Atlanta!  Taking the Marta.

Ready for Day 1!  Love these women!

Delicious dinner with great company (but with horrendous service) at Ted's Montana Grill!

Day 2 - ready to go!

Love catching up with old friends!

 Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday!

I am about to embark on my third weekend in a row out of town!  I am getting semi overly exhausted, but keeping my eye on the prize (sleeping in next weekend)!  So since I have had zero time to do anything, I thought I would plan my Fashion Friday post and pack at the same time!

The last two weekends I have driven to Iowa (Clear Lake and Des Moines) so since I was driving, I could bring as much as I want.  I used my massive polka dot suitcase for each of those trips, and was there for either one or two nights.  So sue me!  This weekend I am traveling for work, so if possible I want to pack a carry on for two reasons: save the company a little money to not have to pay to check a bag, and even more importantly - lost luggage!  My friend Rachel and I have a lost luggage horror story from 2007 - maybe someday I will share. :)

Bring on the panic!  Just kidding, I'm pretty sure I can do it.  First up, create outfits!  I have already posted how I pack and plan my outfits, but now this is how I pack and get it all in this dinky carry on!

First up, I select and photograph the outfits like shown in the other posts.  This trip I didn't have any inspiration photos, but I had a few new pieces that I knew I wanted to wear.  My destination should mostly be in the mid 80s, so that makes life a little easier.

For the plane my mama always taught me to wear long pants!  You don't want your bare skin touching everyone elses juices!  (Gross, sorry).  So I almost always wear jeans, and then I don't have to pack heavy jeans, too.  I also try and wear my biggest shoes to save space.

Next I have three more professional (I know this isn't a full suit, but this is our professional!) outfits for the work days.  I only have two days of work, but you never know if you will spill, not love your options, or just decide to wear something else!  I try and pick items that won't get crazy wrinkly through travel and are somewhat comfy for the long days.

Chimi's buns photo bombed! :)

Then I have three nighttime or casual outfits.  Most likely only one (maybe two) of these will be worn, but I like to be prepared!

Sprinkles didn't photo bomb - she legit hopped in the pic!

Last, I have my final airplane outfit home.  I try to wear the same jeans and then just a different top.

So now on getting it all in my tiny carry on!  I used to be a roller and would roll everything (and sometimes still do) but I recently have been trying to have as few creases as possible in items when I arrive, so I have been folding only as many times as necessary.

I put all underoos in the mesh section (and I over pack undies times 100.  Not OK to be 'roo-less!)  Hey Sushi!

Last I add my shoes in baggies.  Cannot let them touch my perfectly packed clothes!

I got all of my pieces in with some room to spare!  I will add my toiletries and flat iron and be good to go!  My makeup goes into a smaller bag and then into my purse.  Not enough room for that in the suitcase. :)  And most importantly - my drugs to fly are in my purse!  We have had massive storms traveling through - please say a little prayer for us to have a safe and smooth flight! :)

Happy weekend!

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