Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

New camera strap!  So pumped!

Chimi snoozing in the sun.

Fleetwood Mac concert with Nate and my daddy!  Bucket list check!

Eggs+avocado+salsa = love.

Trying to find paint colors is exhausting.

And clearly we are terrible at picking out colors because nothing is working.

Didn't get crab legs but wore my crab sweater.

These teeth kill me!

Made Zuppa Toscana from Pinterest...a lot of work and not that yummy.  Rats.

Sushi modeling.

Found a CD from Kristin! :)

This little girl and I like to sleep in.

I know I'm super old school that I still use a paper planner, but at least I am upgrading to a smaller size now!

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  1. So funny to see 'Leggs' on here! I've made them at least a few times this week.. I'm obsessed!

    1. Yay Leggs! I didn't write that because I figured no one would get it. :) So yummy!!!