Sunday, May 5, 2013

Upstairs Tour

Things are getting more serious at our residence with trying to figure out how we want to decorate rooms in our house.  It's about time, we have been here for three years!  We are still tackling the main floor, and have a bit to do upstairs still.  Since our upstairs has two "finished enough for now" rooms (master bedroom and one of the guest bedrooms), it is one of the more finished areas that we have.  We have two guest bedrooms and a full guest bath that we will probably wait until kids to decorate.  The last main areas upstairs that I want to decorate right now are the loft open area (where I write these blogs) and master bathroom.  Let's go on a somewhat "before" tour upstairs, and hopefully in a month or two have the "after"!

One thing I absolutely loved about our house from the first time seeing it was the upstairs landing/loft area.  It is a small space but still a nice area.  My computer is here so I (and the girls) spend a LOT of time here.  This year I added my cupcake tree to bring some Christmas upstairs and hope to bring even MORE Christmas upstairs this year (Nate is scared)!

As you walk up the stairs you are greeted right away with my desk, which usually is in shambles.  I definitely need more storage to hide away things (great example in the photo above taken by Lindsey).  The curtains are definitely the feature up here right now, and we picked them because we knew no matter what we did up here, they would work.  Still absolutely loving them!  Now I want the rest of the space to be just as cute.

To the left after you come up stairs is our master bedroom.  The colors didn't photograph as vibrantly during the day.  The photo above is truer to the actual purple wall color.

Like I have mentioned before, we still need some sort of cornice/window treatments, a new makeup chair, some sort of art above the makeup desk, and new bedding (our old queen bedding is still being used until we find what we love).  But this is pretty darn close to done and I love it!

This is the only photo I am sharing of the master bathroom (all that you can't see is on the side behind the bathroom door there is a shower and separate soaking tub.  It is pretty dirty and I don't feel like cleaning.  But DEFINITELY on the top of our to-do list for decorating!

I also didn't bother smoothing out our bedding - it almost always has wrinkles because the little girls are on and off it hunting for nap spots.

To the right of the stairs is a little hallway that goes to two guest bedrooms.  These are the ones we aren't touching until kids (every time I say "kids" I know my mom does a happy dance inside).  I die a little when I go in these rooms because it bothers me they are SO unfinished, but it is pointless to spend money on them if someday (don't get too excited Mom) they will change.

The first bedroom is my junk room.  Not decorated but filled with junk!  The hoarder in me is exposed when this room is shown.  All my crafts are in here and quite a few tubs from my childhood that I need to go through, clothes I am not sure what to do with, picture albums, papers...just stuff that is piling up and taking over my life..

The furthest guest bedroom mostly has some storage and emptiness and our old master bed.  Not decorated at all but has one of my Gram's quilts which makes me happy.

There is another gem in this room - Lindsey made this for me for our high school graduation and my parents just brought it up to me as they are cleaning out.  Nate loves pointing out how rough we look. :)

Around the hall is the guest bathroom (still untouched), linen closet, and the guest bedroom we semi decorated.

So there you have it!  First on the agenda is how to complete the loft.  We found a cute love seat and table at HomeGoods that might do the trick.  Of course one of the drawers is busted on the table and doesn't push in all the way.  Boo!  So I might have to hunt at another location to see if they have it.

I also liked this mirror from Hobby Lobby and think it would be cute in the loft.

We still have no idea what to do with the master bathroom but definitely need to do something.  But even having discussions and moving on some ideas is exciting and progress to me!

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