Friday, May 3, 2013

Fashion Friday - Recap!

I can't believe we have already done ten weeks of Fashion Friday!  I feel like we started it yesterday.  And I am impressed with Lindsey and myself that we haven't missed one yet!

Since last week was number ten, I think it is a good time for a recap.  I love looking back at the past posts because it is almost like a journal of outfits.  I'm excited for us to continue this tradition!  I hope you have been enjoying, too!

Photos by Lindsey Koch Photography

First ever Fashion Friday!  Brights!

The next week was neutrals (according to me).

Then we did one of my favorite shirts ever!

Even though it is now May and we have gotten snow, I was certain this would be one of the last Wintry posts.  How wrong I was!

My favorite scarf!

Another favorite scarf and the girls first Fashion Friday appearance!

Next was dressing up and dressing down with jeans.

Then quite possibly my favorite skirt and favorite shirt paired into one outfit.

Target head to toe in mixed printst.

Last week was casual orange!

Thank you to one of my oldest and dearest friends for helping me attempt this project!  I am excited to keep going!  And if you need to get some family pics taken and are in the Midwest, she is your girl and will make you look better than you do in real life!  :)  I always tell her that I hate pics of myself unless she takes them.  I think this girl is good with her Photoshop.

Thank you for reading!  If you have any feedback or requests - let me know!  I love seeing messages from all of you!

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