Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Friday!

Rain, rain, go away!  Well, maybe not anymore because I have been loving my rain boots!  They are more my dog walking boots because I can't handle the ticks that have been out in full force this year and I feel very protected in these.  We are constantly checking the little girls to make sure they don't have any unwanted visitors in their fur!  Yeesh!

Transitioning between seasons can always be a challenge, especially when your weather isn't sure what season it wants to be!  Some days I am wearing shorts (like last week) and others I am covered from head to toe!  I guess that is a Minnesota Spring for you!

I have felt so busy lately and have been neglecting my little blog!  I promise to get back on the band wagon this weekend.  :)  We have lots going on in our home to discuss!

Top: Primp, Leggings: Target, Necklace: ILY Couture, Boots: Hunter, Boot Socks: Etsy

Photos by Lindsey Koch Photography.

How do you style yourself on rainy days?

Happy Friday!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Porch looked bare so we finally went and got some flowers!

So much rain so I have been bringing color inside!

One day without rain means Chipotle on the porch!

The one good thing about all of this rain - the hot pink tree!

Been eating these like candy.  Wish I had a bloody mary to go with it!

Sprinkles photo shoot!

Found a crab on my tumbler!  #crablover

We are in the market for a new front door - eyeing this one!

I'm a high maintenance packer.  Always have to take pics so I know what I am bringing!

But it was bad weather so just ended up wearing sweats all weekend!

Little girls were happy regardless!

Memorial Day nails.

Lime-A-Ritas and homemade guac!

Out to eat!  My mom wouldn't allow pictures because she didn't "spruce" enough. :)

Hope everyone has been having a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion Friday!

I am so happy the weather is getting warmer!  We had about seven straight days of rain and yesterday the sun came out and it is so pretty!  If you follow me on Instagram you know I am obsessed with this hot pink tree in our yard that I am sure looks so pretty because of all the rain.  I swear it is even hotter pink in real life!  I really hope the weather stays this way for the nice holiday weekend and we can all get outside for a little bit.

Since we are heading to the lake soon, I was feeling nautical!  I recently got these anchor shorts at Old Navy and have been waiting for it to be nice enough to wear them.  Hopefully I can sport them this weekend, too.  They kind of have the same flavor as my crab sweater, but a little more publicly acceptable.

Lindsey and I haven't been able to get together for some Fashion Friday pics (hence missing last week - waaaaa!) so Nate was my photographer this week!  The sun was ridic and in my eyes the entire time and our neighbor is mowing in the background.  Without further ado, here are some untouched, squinted Fashion Friday pics!  Let's all hope Lindsey and I can get together this week for good pics, but thanks to my sweet hubs for taking some for me!

Top and shorts: Old Navy, Necklace: Forever 21

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Basement Tour

Since I have already done the Main Floor Tour and the Upstairs Tour, all that is left is the Basement Tour!  This is one area that I am hands off since I know that having a man cave has always been Nate's dream.  I wish he was more hands off on other areas for me...but that's another story. :)

We absolutely love the basement and spend a lot of time down here watching movies, shows On Demand, playing Buzz (anyone played this?  Best quiz game ever), and Nintendo!  The little girls also love the basement because there is a thousand square feet to run and play!

When you walk down the stairs, you first see the Foosball table, then round the corner and can see the main area of the basement.

Nate's pride and joy is the bar.  This was his baby and he picked out everything - tile, counter tops, design and layout, TV, etc.  I think he did a great job!

We are trying to figure out some sort of a table for this corner but still hunting.

Wow, note to self - wipe away fridge prints!  Or maybe I can just learn better settings on my camera...not sure which one sounds easier.

Next to the bar is a full bath.  We definitely don't need a tub/shower down here but I guess it is nice in case our guest rooms were full and someone had to stay down here.

Sprinkles is showing how much she loves the basement.

Chim just wants to play.

We also have a big storage room down here that I keep my Christmas mayhem and other storage.

This is the treadmill that I walk on once every 6 months.

A big to do for me is to figure out storage down here so I can have it super organized and find things easily.  All of my deco mesh wreaths are just thrown without bags, Christmas is piled on top of each other, etc.  Freaks me out because I take Christmas very seriously and consider my collection an investment!  Hope to have an update on this room soon!

So that is the basement!  I'm happy that this area has less to do than the other levels. :)  But now the entire house has been exposed, and I have a reason to get moving on our to do lists!  Anyone else have a hubs as obsessed with their basement as mine?

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