Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Outfit Planning...The Struggle

I have still been attempting to plan my outfits better since the Closet Remix Challenge ended but man, it is hard without the challenge!  Can we do this every other month?  I haven't been popping out of bed (understatement of the year), excited to have an already planned outfit.  Nuts! 

Random thought of the day - has anyone else noticed the massive trend in bloggers wearing brand new $400+ outfits in every post?  Ain't no one got the money for that!  Don't get me wrong - I love reading other's blogs that DO have the money for that, and boy do I love shopping, I also love having no credit card debt!  I take pride in finding new pieces to spruce up my wardrobe, but usually they are from Target, Old Navy, Forever 21, or some place that has great coupons, and once in a great while, J. Crew or other spendy places.  Go savers!

But that is kind of the whole point of what the Closet Remix Challenge was, and what I aim to do with my wardrobe each day!  Mix and match your pieces by pairing and creating strange combinations that you never thought would work, but turn into a brand new looking outfit and bring new life to your already owned pieces.  Here are a few that I actually planned and photographed the last month (most were already seen on my Instagram).

Chevron is one of my favorite things.  To decorate with, wear, see, so fun!  Is this going to look really old fashioned someday?  I have been eyeing chevron curtains but am frightened within a year it will look dated.  I had mostly been wearing this top with jeans, but it worked well with work pants, too.

Love love love this cardigan that I saw on Stylin Mommies, and knew I had to check out in person!  When I went to see it at AE, it was $14.99!!  Meant to be.  I have only worn it with jeans, haven't ventured out into other ways to wear it yet.

As we all know, I love these JBrand teal jeans!  They are so fun and make every outfit a little more exciting.  I have been loving them with black and white.  This sweater was basically free with NY&Co coupons last year (don't you love their coupons?) and looked cute together.

Again, wearing black and white with the jeans!  I used them as my green for St Patty's Day!  Loving this Target sweater with anything and everything.  Wore this to a coworker's surprise birthday party.

This shirt (formerly dress) is in such a perfect magenta color and works well with scarves.  Wore with my favorite brand of jeans - MiH!

Wearing this scarf again!  I love finding other ways to wear it.  I still need to attempt it with yellow, I think that will be my next venture!

Loving this necklace from my mom!  Some days I just want to wear the necklace so I will build my outfit around it, hence what I did on this day.

I wore this colorful outfit on Easter!  I was inspired by this cute picture of one of my favorite designers, Brittany Simon.  Love her colors, layering, everything!

Another day that I wanted to wear the necklace from my mom, and it was Friday so I was able to go more casual with it.  This is another thing I want to do more of - casual t-shirts with statement necklaces.  So cute!

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  1. oh please post where things are from! need new places to shop and love your style!

  2. Shoot! Sorry! I will do better. :) If you see any here that you are wondering write on my Facebook page and I can reply to any and all! :)