Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Makeup Videos

I have received quite a few requests for video tutorials, and unfortunately I am not courageous enough to do something like that yet.  I do however have a few favorite YouTube links I can share! These have been very helpful to me and also super fun to watch.

Let's keep in mind though that pretty much any makeup I have ever done in my life has been by trial and error.  Similar to fashion!  If you are always told what to wear then you won't learn your own personal style! I have tried it all - glitter, colors, neutrals, anything!  But I also think it is fun to play around with different options and never be set in stone with your routine!

For makeup, any of the MMandLShow videos will help.  Here are a few favorites.

For putting on lashes - girlfriends, no matter how many videos you watch, you just have to do it yourself.  And then do it again, and again.  And maybe 400 more times until you think have it.  Then, once you think you are comfortable with it, you will have days where the lashes fight you so much until you are covered in glue and cannot open your eye.  Many videos online use tweezers and tools to get the lashes on your lash line and I think I would poke my eye out if I tried that.  I solely use my hands.  You honestly will need to try and try and try until you figure out what works for you.  There is no magic way to put on lashes.

This tutorial is probably the closest to how I put my lashes on (minus the dryer, but that is semi genius).  And this video is less than 2 minutes.  Ain't no one got time to watch a 15 minute eyelash tutorial!

Other fun YouTubers to watch:
Nicole Guerriero  Constantly showing new products and techniques and has AMAZING brows!
LoveMelisaMichelle  She is so cute and funny (and gorgeously exotic) while also using some not as expensive products which helps!
KandeeJohnson  One of the more famous bloggers - she is perfect for Halloween ideas and if you just need a pick me up!  She also decorates amazingly for Christmas, which is close to my heart.

Maybe someday I will have some courage to do my own, but hopefully these can tide you over for now. :)

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