Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm 30!

Holy balls - I turned 30 today (sorry for saying balls, Mom).  I have always wanted to be older than I was at most times in my life or at least in the next phase, and once Nate and I found each other I have been good with any age!  Aging has never scared me - I am thankful as many people do not reach this age, and this quote has always struck a nerve with me.

Since we went to Iowa last weekend my mom made my favorite dessert ever - Berries in a Cloud!  Plus, I still am excited about the early birthday presents my parents got me!

We celebrated my birthday Saturday since I was busy all day today.  I made Nate run some (unsuccessful) errands, had lunch at Benihana, and we spent a lot of time trying out the new camera!

Thoughts on turning 30
-I will still shop at Forever 21 and wear Victoria's Secret Pink gear
-I will continue to make Nate go to Disney/cartoon movies with me (he loves it)
-I plan on wearing sparkles and bright colors for life
-I have had random grey hairs since I was 16 so getting more is no biggie

Goals for my 30's:
-Finish (haha, yeah right) decorating the house
-Have kids (so freaking scary)
-Get my anxiety under control and focus on health/wellness more
-Travel to see out of state family more often
-FIND A CHURCH! (we have put this off far too long)

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so special!  Excited for the dirty thirties!

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