Friday, April 5, 2013

Fashion Friday!

I love finding pieces that I can dress up or down.  This Target sweater is super cute and slightly fitted while still being crazy comfy, so it works well both ways!  And almost any of my statement necklaces work with it.  Be still my heart!

Like last week, Lindsey and I took pics inside in our guest bedroom since we took these in freezing cold February!  Yesterday it was 50 degrees so we might actually be able to take some outdoor pics soon!

First up I wore it with holey jeans!  I love these jeans because they are super comfy and not too tight.  Added some flats and this is my comfy look!  PS - I am a brown and black mixer.  Hate if you must.

Photos by Lindsey Koch Photography.

Can we be real for a second?  Poor Lindsey usually captures pictures like these of me.  I don't know where to look, what to do, how to act natural.  Ugh!  I think we need to do head cropping pics.

Starting to get awkward...
Really awkward!
And does anyone else's dogs do this?  I guess it's warm...

Now onto the dressier version of this outfit. Switched to my favorite MiH jeans, added a sparkly pink belt, and floral heels.  Just a few tiny tweaks and now this would be good for Casual Friday at work, a shower, casual church, or dinner!  I prefer how this looks on over the other version, but sometimes you just need to NOT wear heels, right?

Chimi wondering WTF I am doing
I swear my fly is zipped...

Do you prefer the casual or dressy version of this outfit?  Happy weekend!

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  1. I like the dressier version but agree...sometimes you just wanna wear flats! Your pups are the cutest.

  2. where are your jeans and flats from?

  3. Ripped jeans are from Alloy and dark jeans are MiH, style is called Marrakesh (the best). Flats are Steve Madden!