Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Back to OPI Mod About You - thanks Tuong!

Chimi's toys were in her bed but this girl was sleepy!

Sprinkles listening to Nate play the guitar (that he doesn't know how to play).

I have been living on chopped salads recently!  I guess there are worse addictions.

Our little owl heads.

Came home to Iowa for Easter!  Pedis with one of my best high school girlfriends was first on the agenda.

Then we had lunch with Gram and Papa!

After that, I made my sweet mom shop at Hobby Lobby with me for an hour or so (we don't have them in the Twin Cities!  The horror!).  First sent this pic to Nate to see if he liked for our living room - made my mom get in the pic to show scale. :)  He said no.  Rats.

Next sent him this pic for a possible piece in our guest bedroom!  He said yes, but both were scratched.  Double rats!

I still found a bunch of treasures including ribbon, wreath forms and deco mesh (I LOVE DECO MESH!!).

Also got two cute frames and an R!  I want a Hobby Lobby close-by!

Came home and started working on a patriotic wreath for my parents lake house.  Need to find some ribbon to complete!

My dad is under there

Then today is Easter!  Love my mom's decorations. ;)

The little girls loved the bunnies, too!

Then we went to the farm for Easter lunch with the family!  Gram had the place all decorated for Easter.

And we made Papa show us some tricks!

My Aunt Peggy made the funniest Peeps driving cars! :)

I always get so excited to see my cousin Molly!  We are only a few months apart in age and have always been not only cousins, but best girlfriends!

Dang, sometimes being so tall sucks.  Another cousin capturing this.

But how stylish and cute is Molly?  I love her outfit (and her) so much!

Such a great week!  I always get a little sad when I come back home just because I don't get to see everyone as much as I would like to.  But I am so thankful for amazing family and friends.  Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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