Monday, March 25, 2013

To Chop or NOT to Chop?

I have been obsessed with cutting my hair into cute short entire life.  I feel like I was always growing my hair, then cutting into random bobs, then growing again.  The first major chop I had was in high school after seeing Sliding Doors (one of my all time favorite movies to this day).  In the movie, Gwyneth chops her hair as a fresh start and it was an ah-ha moment for me.

Chop away Aunt Peggy!  I have never gotten more compliments on a haircut in my life than this one.  It was definitely late '90s chic, but perfect since that is when it was cut!

(You know how some people look amazing in old pictures?  I am not one of those people).

 When I was an NFL Cheerleader for six years, my hair was under contract so I wasn't able to make any changes.  Post cheering, I did a mid but not risky chop.  I brought in this picture...

...but got this cut (pics circa 2010).

It was ok, but not quite as chic as I was hoping.  A little too soccer mom for me.  As it was growing out, I started going to Spalon and felt she shaped it a little more chic-er.

But then kept growing for my wedding in May 2011, and have kind of kept it long since.  Alas, I am getting the cutting bug!

I recently discovered the In Style Hollywood Makeover because Melissa Rycroft must be getting the cutting bug, too.  LOVED these ones she posted.

So I decided to try for myself.  Super hilarious and I look ridiculous but can't stop!

Moral of the story, I think I need to cut and be over it.  My coworker found this pic - a possible winner!

Anyone else constantly thinking of changing their hair or am I a weirdo?

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  1. I am always thinking about haircuts, too! :) :) :)