Monday, March 11, 2013

Statement Necklace Love

When I try to describe my style, I usually come up with "colorful and whimsical with a statement necklace".  Granted, this is when I plan an outfit, have time, etc.  Other times it is "needs washing because of the food remnants/dog hair and also needs ironed".  I don't really collect anything EXCEPT I seem to have become a statement necklace collector.  The most I have spent on one is $40, and I died a little inside when I spent that (it was originally over $200 and I have worn it dozens of times so I feel much better about the purchase now). 

I think I partially love statement necklaces because I HATE (my mom would say "hate is a strong word") shoe shopping because of my height.  All of the cute shoes I see have 8" heels on them which would make me taller than my 6'7" hubs!  When I see cute 8" heels I send the link to my bestie because she can rock them like none other.  So since I am not a shoe shopper like almost every other woman in the world, I am a necklace shopper! :)  Most I find at Forever 21 or little boutiques and get giddy when I find the perfect new necklace.  I don't purchase them all that often, but since I have loved them for quite a few years my collection is growing!

Photos by Lindsey Koch Photography.

I need a better way to store my collection, but my drawer is working for now.  I just hate (again, I know it is a strong word, mom) any necklace organizer because usually they hang, and I don't want to have to rehook them every time to store/hang, you know?  A look into a few of my favorites below.

This first necklace is dear to my heart - I wore it at my wedding reception!  My boss is extremely talented and made this necklace for me out of vintage brooches and fabric flowers.  Such a special piece to have!  I now wear it for special occasions.

This necklace is called Bamboleo from Stella and Dot that I was always in love with, but could never justify that price!  Then, a couple years ago I hosted a Stella and Dot party (one of my coworkers is a rep) and based on sales I had a large credit to use, so this only cost me $40! 

Another necklace that is special to me, this time because it is from my mom!  When we were in Key West we browsed a few shops and we loved this necklace at Deja Vu, so she got it for me as a gift.  Love you, mom! 

I always wanted a fun, turquoise teardrop necklace, ever since seeing my favorite reality TV star (Michelle Money) wear one!  Last year, I saw a Facebook deal for these for $15 and I jumped on it!  So glad I did - I wear this with everything!

After the success of the first Facebook deal necklace, I wasn't frightened to jump on another.  This deal was posted by the favorite reality star mentioned above from ILY Couture for around $20!  I love this thing!  One of the sections broke, but another talented coworker fixed for me (dang I love working at a costume shop).

This might be my first statement necklace that started me off!  Maybe 4 years ago I saw this at Urban Outfitters and LOVED.  I started wearing with almost every outfit (and still do) and haven't looked back. :)

I also purchased this one a while back from NY&Co.  Love the clusters of fun! :)

Again, it brings me to this Pin.

Hooray for statement necklaces!  How would you describe your style?

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