Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mail Bin (Semi) DIY

Ever since I saw this cute mail bin pinned, I knew we needed something like this!  We have a Christmas one that holds all of our Christmas cards that I adore, but Nate won't let me leave Christmas up year round (how rude!).  Another massive buzz-kill - this cute bin is $42!  If money was no object, I would totally just get this one.  But alas, budget is something to keep in mind, and I cannot justify a $42 mail bin.

I hunted at Michael's and found this cute silver bin and thought it will do.  $10 minus a 40% off coupon can't be beat.  Plus our kitchen has stainless backsplash so this works well with the decor.

Then I went through my massive amounts of scrapbook supplies and tried to find some cute letters.  I didn't find exactly what I wanted, but thought these will do for now.  And they were free since I already had them and probably purchased in 2005!

The good thing about using stickers is when I get sick of how they look I can just take them off!  I can definitely justify a $6 mail bin!

Hold up.  Already got sick of it.  The letters were just a little too light colored and not quite big enough to fill the space.  I didn't want to have to buy more scrapbook stickers to sit in the junk room, so I ordered a cute $3 monogram decal on Etsy and it came so fast!

I slapped it on the bin and called it a day!

Chimi wanted to hop in for a pic.

I would definitely say this project was worth $9.  Mail bin = complete!

PS - I created a Facebook page a few weeks ago and just reached 100 likes!  Yahoo!  Thanks friends! :)

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