Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Friday!

Hopefully this is one of the last few weeks (or days!) that I can wear these Target boots from Nate, even though I love them so!  The snow is so deep that when Lindsey and I took these pics, I had to hop on a stump to not have it up past my shins!  Pretty sure Lindsey was knee deep in the snow getting the shots.  Such a good friend.  :)  We have still been in the low 30s in the Twin Cities...not ok!  Last year on St Patty's Day it was 80!  Don't think that will be happening this year.  Spring, where are you?

This top (also seen here) is from Francesca's, Long and Lean tank from Target, necklace is from Urban Outfitters, and jeans are from Alloy.

Photos by Lindsey Koch Photography.

In other first born turned 9 this week!  Happy Birthday Sushi!

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