Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Friday!

It's Friday!  Woo!!  Which also means Fashion Friday!  For this edition we have neutrals...or my version of them at least!  I love color (clearly) and in real life these are a little more muted than the amazing talents of Lindsey Koch Photography shows them, hence why I call them my version of neutrals.  This was the first outfit we shot so we are short on pics but quality over quantity, right?

Since we shot these a few weeks ago, I fell in love with this combination and wore it on my work trip!  Like I always say, when you feel like you do not have any outfits, get inspired by other people's blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, anything!  You will be surprised the outfits you can create without shopping!  Michelle - I am talking to you! :)

Mustard cardigan from Primp in St Paul, old tank from Francesca's, MiH purple denim, Steve Madden glitter heels (I am five). 

Why yes, we are crazy for doing this in the winter.  But we have fun!

Happy Friday!

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