Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Monogram back on the door - need to make my St Patty's Day wreath!

Chimi and her tongue. :)

Making outfits.  Pining for Spring!

Waiting for their daddy.  So cute!

Checking my makeup with a selfie.  Normally I would delete because it is shameful to take selfies, but I am loving the work Kelly has been doing on my brows!!  Go see her right now!

Valentine's workout gear.

Sprinks ran out of food so was very happy to make the trip to get more.

Couldn't stop craving the Wildfire Chopped Salad so I got one to-go for lunch!

Rhinestone heaven!

Thank you Jesus for this so I can fly on my work trip to Buffalo tomorrow!  Note to others...if you have a fear of flying do not watch the movie Flight right before a trip...


  1. Hi! Can you please tell me what the paint color is that you used on the front door? Absolutely loving it! :)

  2. Oh shoot - I am not sure! I will see if we have the paint at all from the builder anywhere!