Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!

This work week has given me a swift kick in the buns so posting and anything house related has been slow.  We did, however, have so much fun on Super Bowl Sunday with friends, and having the bar ready didn't hurt!  To get ready, Nate hung some of our new Vikings pictures and decorated with some of our favorite sports memorabilia.

During the game, the boys (at one point there were seven of them) hung out at the bar hoarding the food!

I stayed with girls and pups on the couch!

I feel like I wasn't super wowed by too many commercials.  Loved the Tide Joe Montana stain one - that was funny!  And other than Beyonce's performance, my favorite part of the game was the the blackout!  Cracked me up!  I think I would have hit the floor if I was there thinking it was an attack.  Bahaha!

Hopefully next year I can watch my beloved Vikings in the Super Bowl!

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