Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mr & Mrs Signs

For our wedding in May 2011, I was a massive detail lover (well, I guess I am in life, too)!  I love weddings that are personalized and make sense to the couple.  Our wedding decor was extremely colorful, bright, whimsical, and fun!  I also wanted anything that we purchased that wasn't disposable to have use post wedding.

One of the little finds was from an Etsy shop - Mr and Mrs signs!  They can go anywhere, but we hung them on our chairs.  I love the personalization it added and also how it was a blast of even more color!  (Never enough color in my world).

Photos taken by the amazing Emma Freeman!

After the wedding, I tried these in a few different spots and nothing was sticking, then I thought I would just set them on our nightstands until I found a place to hang them.  Almost two years later and they are STILL on our nightstands and I just love them there!  They totally pop now with our new bed, too!  It is a fun wedding reminder, matches our bedroom, and assigns our sides of the bed.

Do you have any wedding items or sentimental pieces displayed in your house?

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