Monday, February 4, 2013

Junk Room Organization

I have been on an organizing kick!  The junk room was taking over my life, so I decided enough is enough!  I went through most things and threw out a full box of papers and a full box of stuff to get rid of.  I can see the floor!

One of the first things I did was organize my deco mesh.  I had these in about 14 different Michael's bags in the room so I put them all in a little bin so I can see what I have.  Cute!  I did the same with my ribbon but need a larger bin for those.

Next I wanted to do something with my nail polish.  I have become a polish collector and can never tell which polish I have.  I found an old DVD rack in the storage room that was Nate's that I thought could do the trick.

I cleaned it off a little then organized my polishes!  Can you spot the OPI Mod About You obsession spilling into other brands?

Someday I would like to paint it so it looks much cuter and less like a DVD rack but for now this works well so I can see all my colors when I am ready to paint my nails!

Let's not kid ourselves, this is still a junk room and still has a way to go.  But every little bit helps!  What can I get my paws on next?

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