Monday, February 11, 2013

Guest Bedroom (Almost) Update

Remember when I was antsy to decorate a guest bedroom?  I figured the room with the Marimekko bedding would be the easiest quick fix, and this is the room our guests usually stay in, so Nate has been working away!  Last weekend we found a paint we liked and decided to just go for it.

Porcelain Shale by Valspar (Lowe's) was the winner.  I saw it in a nursery a friend had pinned, and loved how it popped against the bright colors  - perfect against the Marimekko bedding.  Nate won't let me paint so he worked away all day on the room!  (This was while I was working on my closet).

Right away I could tell I absolutely LOVED the color against the bedding, light trim and furniture.

The one problem, now that Nate is done he has discovered streaks in his work that are bugging him.  Not bugging me!  He has been googling ways to fix and that will probably be an upcoming weekend project.  So now I have to wait with things ready to go.  Testing my patience! :)

Nate has some old Ikea canvases that we think will work out well in there, and I have an old Ikea mirror that is giant but matches the dresser/nightstand that I want to hang.  Then we want to get floating shelves, and possibly a different lamp (mixing prints!) to add to the decor.
Will you be my lamp?

Final reveal will (hopefully) be coming soon!

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