Friday, February 1, 2013

Deliveries Are Done!

I'm so happy the weekend is here!  Now we can enjoy the big changes these last few days.  First came the mattress on Thursday morning while my mom was still accepting deliveries for us (thank you mom!!).  They arrived right on time!  Good work, Slumberland!

We love our sheets that we bought with our wedding gift cards from Bed Bath and Beyond.  We knew we wanted the same brand for sure, but I wasn't sure if we would go with a different pattern or maybe try the jersey...nope.  I ran to BBB over lunch on Thursday and stared at the sheets for a solid ten minutes, then just went with the exact same.  Almost went with white, then remembered I spray tan about once a month and white would not work well with that.  Sometimes familiarity is good!

Our old queen duvet is going to have to work for the rest of the bedding for now.  We need to hunt for the perfect bedding, and I am definitely on the hunt for a nice goose down duvet.  In the meantime, it will look semi shameful with a nice new bed and ill fitting bedding.

Also Thursday morning the final touches were made to the bar!  Plumbing done, paint touched up, fridge hooked up - bring on Super Bowl Sunday!  I want to go to the store right now and stock it up with my addiction: Diet Sunkist Lemonade (and maybe some of another delicious beverage: Martini Asti!).  More bar pics to come after our Super Bowl gathering with friends!

I have a few more mini house projects I (well, Nate will probably do them) want to get done this weekend.  On a roll!

And of course, another Pinterest funny.  This made me giggle for a solid minute.

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