Monday, February 18, 2013

Coming Soon - Fashion Friday!

One of my super talented childhood friends (and bridesmaid) Lindsey, is an amazing photographer and owns her own business - Lindsey Koch Photography!  She took our Christmas card pictures and does family portraits, babies, senior pictures, you name it!  Check out her Facebook page here.

Lindsey is so sweet and generous and wanted to help me with my retched cell phone only pictures in posts.  Now we can get some actual photography skill in here with her help of a new section - Fashion Friday!

I think fashion is such a way to express yourself and I absolutely LOVE seeing others personal style.  I have always tried to be creative with what I have (ask my mom - she always brings up my pastel floral jeans with neon penguin sweater combination - but thank you mom for always letting me dress myself and learn the hard way!)  I also get very inspired by other fashion blogs and try to recreate in my own way what they wear.  In no way am I pushing these brands/labels or even styles and I know I am NOT a model. This is just one way I love being creative and love to share!

Not sure I will be proactive and ready to have this for every Friday, but I will try!  Sneak peak below of what is to come!


  1. Yay! Gorgeous pics Laura! Can't wait to see more! :)

  2. this sounds like a great idea. it's always fun to see what other bloggers are wearing! and, i can't believe you are sitting in the snow with no coat in minnesota!! i might not wear a coat, but sitting down is a whole other issue...brave lady!

    1. So true...when we scampered inside I had to dry my buns with a hairdryer! 16 degrees is not ideal photo weather. :)

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