Sunday, February 3, 2013

Closet Update

Something that has been on my to-do list for quite some time - organize our closet!  Nate cleaned his side a few weeks ago and I keep putting off my side because it is BAD!  I needed more space, and I know the "builder basic" closet system usually isn't the greatest for organization.  My side of the closet was spilling from every angle...

...but I had an idea!  Move my one rack up and add another below (similar to his side). I begged and pleaded and Natey said he would help me with my predicament.  While he ran to Lowe's to get supplies, I cleared out most of my hanging items...

...and threw them on the bed!

Can you find the girls?  They looked so cute that I had to Instagram them of course.

In less than an hour he called me up and was finished!  Can't believe how fast he was!

It took me MUCH longer to sort through and organize my clothes back into the closet than it did for him to hang the shelf, but now it looks like this!

It is so nice having my clothes appropriately spaced out and not scrunched in.  Plus, I filled two giant bags of stuff to donate.  Hooray for organization and ROYGBIV organizing!  

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