Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Closet Remix Challenge - Week 4 (Part 1)

I can't believe it is already Week 4 of the Closet Remix Challenge!  Anyone else doing this?  I love following all of the Instagram fashionistas during this challenge.  So inspirational!  Check out my Week 1, Week 2 Part 1, Week 2 Part 2, and Week 3!

I was in Buffalo for work Sunday-Tuesday, so I had to pack for a carry-on.  Not one of my strengths.  But I did it!  I wasn't the best at taking photos either.  I wore the outfit that may or may not be seen on this week's Fashion Friday because it was comfy, easy to move around in (for packing and unpacking a booth - not an easy task) and still looked semi professional.

We got to the airport early and had the best breakfast ever - Buffalo wings!

Our 10:30AM Buffalo flight to Chicago left on time - then was diverted to Detroit because of icy Chicago weather.  No problem with me - I would rather be diverted then in any sort of plane trouble!!  Well, we ended up being at the Detroit airport from about noon to 8pm.  This was me most of the day, and I will call my parka my Tuesday outfit.

At least this gave me plenty of time to shop for a monkey for Nate (well, usually ends up for the little girls.  But when I buy it I think of Nate).

I am back to reality!  Flying drugs are still wearing off, ears still haven't popped and I am coming down with a cold so I wanted something cozy for work.  Hearts cardigan from Forever 21 (also seen on date night here), sequin pocket t-shirt super old from Old Navy, MiH reddish pants, Urban Outfitters necklace (told you I wear it almost daily!).

Will post Thursday and Friday's outfits sometime this weekend!  Now I need to decide if I want to go to bed early to try and fight this cold or catch up on the Bachelor...hmmm...

Also, did you check out Lily's page yet?  Just love that girl!  Thanks for the love, Lily!

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