Friday, February 15, 2013

Closet Remix Challenge - Week 2 (Part 2)

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I have finished two full weeks of the Closet Remix Challenge!  See the beginning of this week here, and last week here.  I must say, doing this is making me dress way cuter for work than normal!  I think there is something to this challenge...

I wear a ton of color, but sometimes a girl just needs to wear some classic black and white!  I wore a SUPER old F21 white blazer, black Target Long and Lean tank, black skinnies, and added a bit of color with a sparkly pink belt, teal wedges and this Stella and Dot Bamboleo necklace (that I got for $40!  Host a party!).  This also had quite a bit of dog hair on it because our little Chimi had a bad allergy attack and had to go to the vet, then come to work with me to be watched. :(  Poor little girl!

Since I am a supporter of all holidays, this kisses shirt is necessary on Valentine's Day!  It really only gets worn one day a year -  it's even a little outrageous for me!  Added NY&Co dress pants and Betsey Johnson fuchsia stud earrings.

For dinner I made paninis (Nate loves them) and we had chocolate fondue!  So fun!

Somebody take PicFX away from me!
Casual Friday!  Woohoo!  As you can see, my MiH jeans get a lot of use!  I am wearing an orange Target blazer, navy Limited tank, mint necklace and Steve Madden flats.

We are going out for our Valentine's dinner on Saturday so I have a "styled" outfit for that.  We are going to Wildfire and I want to wear one of my favorite pieces - a necklace made by my amazingly talented boss out of vintage brooches for my wedding reception (see photo evidence below)!  I like to wear it on our anniversary and it seems appropriate for Valentine's Day, too.  Also adding my watch from my love on our first anniversary.  This shirt is from Francesca's and used to be a dress (that I purchased with the sole purpose of hemming into a shirt - tall girl problems) and MiH dark jeans (wearing again, shameful).  Will post pics after the dinner assuming I wear still wear this!

(Wedding day breakdown from my one of my bestie's Kristin here).

Some more fun Instagram fashionistas to follow for #closetremixchallenge:  Megan_Lindsey, whitneyspinelli, stylebyjodielsmckinney10 and me!

And...this will be me.

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