Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Closet Remix Challenge - Week 2 (Part 1)

Here we go on Week 2 of the Closet Remix Challenge!  I am feeling much more refreshed than Week 1, since last week I read about it on Instagram on Monday (the day it started), so I was already into the tough week.  I semi planned my outfits this past weekend so I had some options ready to go.  Who doesn't love playing dress up?  Here is what made the cut!

On Saturday we had a date night at Chino Latino so I wore hearts!  Also added skinnies, F21 necklace, and Steve Madden boots.  This sweater was from the Forever 21 package that just arrived and was ordered BEFORE the challenge started.  Semi cheating, but what can you do?  This is maybe the softest sweater I have ever worn.  I know people complain about F21 quality but I haven't had any issues?  I think because usually in store I am drawn to things that I can tell have better quality and this order online was good luck!

Speaking of Chino Latino...how yummy is that food?  We ordered our favorites: Tostada de Tinga, Bulgogi Lettuce Cups, Fried Bananas (two orders - we don't share!), and Snoop Dog Rolls.

 Everything was amazing EXCEPT our favorite Snoop Dog roll!  We were so sad to realize the ingredients or something had changed   So...the stalker in me went through old pics and we realized it HAD changed!  No more smoky BBQ sauce or whatever used to be on there!  See photographic evidence circa 2009 (yes, we each had our own order).

We asked our waiter if it had changed and he wasn't sure, but then when we got our check it wasn't on there!  So nice!  We totally weren't complaining but wondering if it had changed.  He must have noticed we licked every plate clean other than the Snoop Dog Rolls.  We gave him an extra tip in the amount of the sushi. :)

Nate's fortune.  Glad it wasn't mine!

Back to the challenge!

We got a nice dumping of ice/snow Sunday into Monday so I wanted something semi comfy for the long commute.  As you probably have already noticed, I haven't met a polka dot I didn't like!  I wore my teal J Brand's with this Target sweater and sparkly black belt.  Also added in my "berry" necklace purchased on a trip with the SIL (can you tell we like to shop together?).  Love that berry (and the SIL).

Exciting bathroom pic!

I DIED when I saw Katy Perry at the Grammy's - everything about her was perfection to me.  The hair, makeup, and that DRESS!!

I can't stop obsessing over it so I decided to make the average Joe version of that outfit.  Mint NY&Co blouse, necklace from a boutique in Key West, and NY&Co grey pants.

See the resemblance? :)

Had to slip this in since we are discussing Katy Perry - saw on Pinterest and cracked up!

The contest has also opened my eyes to some fun Instagram fashionistas!  Here are a few that I have been loving.  Obviously mrsstrock, bma_21 has some super cute combinations, alistoflove looks like my dream closet (colors, sparkles, prints, oh my!), and emilyanngemma has such an adorable/whimsical style!  Follow me at SprinklesMom (make fun if you must).

Hope everyone's #Closetremixchallenge is going well!

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