Friday, February 8, 2013

Closet Remix Challenge - Week 1

I saw mrsstrock post on Instagram about the Closet Remix Challenge - basically not shopping for anything new for the month of February and getting creative with what you have!  This is right up my alley and my favorite thing to do (however, getting new items is also extremely fun).  Creating an outfit out of already owned items usually feels even MORE exciting than something new.

This is going to be particularly difficult because I have my work trip later this month and sometimes I like picking up a new skirt or cardi or something to spice up my work wear!  I may cheat at that point, we will see.  It will be extra important that I use my handy trick of finding inspiration photos to get me thinking creatively on the items in my closet.  I am also getting inspired by looking up the hashtag #closetremixchallenge on Instagram and seeing other's outfits.  Fun to look!

Does it count as cheating if I had purchased a few items from Forever 21 BEFORE the contest started?  They haven't arrived yet, but once they do I am sure I will wear them.  Call me a criminal.

This week has been so busy at work that my outfits have NOT been exciting.  But they were clothing.  And I can't remember for the life of me what I wore on Monday!  Again, it's been a long week.

Memory fail.  I'm sure it was not picture worthy.

When I organized my closet this past weekend a found a few pieces I had forgotten about!  One of those gems was this comfy sweater/cardi.  Paired with a sparkly belt, poofy sleeve Target t shirt and J Brand Lovestory jeans.  This is extremely muted for me!

This is one of my favorite necklaces and I get a lot of use of it.  I wore it in our Christmas card photo (also seen here), to work, casual, anything!  I purchased it when my favorite YouTube ladies posted a Facebook deal for these necklaces for like $15.  Score!  Wore with an older Von Maur blazer, Express blouse, H&M belt, and my new favorite purple MiH jeans.

I wore my wedding shoes (sparkly Steve Madden flats that I wore at my wedding, and almost every day since), Francesca necklace, NY&Co dress pants, and Limited ruffle cardi.  Under I wore my favorite Target Mossimo Long and Lean tanks.  If you do not own these, run to Target now!  I have two white, two black (and somehow they seem to ALWAYS be in the wash?), a navy, red, and patterned.  I wear these all the time!  (Mrsstrock liked this photo on Instagram!  I feel like a celeb just gave me fashion approval!)

Haven't totally decided what I am going to wear today but I think I will be wearing this.  I wear this necklace AT LEAST once a week.  I think there have been weeks I have worn it three times.  Ain't no shame in my game!  It is just a good, classic necklace that dresses almost every outfit up!  I got it a few years ago at Urban Outfitters and when I bought it I remember having semi buyer's guilt because it was $30.  With all the use it has gotten (and continues to get) it probably evens out to a penny a wear!  Paired it with this blouse I got in Chicago last year with my SIL, boots, heart belt and skinnies.

I hope you join in the fun!  Get a sneak peak of my outfits by following me along here.  Thanks to Mrsstrock for the idea!

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  1. Hey Laura,
    Do you think you'd be interested in this Shop Your Closet styling contest?

    All you have to do is style a look inspired by one of these picks from Fall 2013. It comes with a huge prize!