Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blog Feature - Lily Says Go!

Since tomorrow is the first Fashion Friday, I wanted to get a little prep for what I hope Fashion Friday to be some day.  Meet Lily from Lily Says Go!  This is one of my favorite fashion blogs to read, not only because I know Lily but because she is one of the most fashionable and cutest people alive!  Her style to me can be described as sweet and romantic mixed with a bit of preppy but with an edge.  She is also a somewhat new blogger and has given me great advice on my little blog!

Tell us about yourself!

Hi guys! I'm Lily and I blog over at Lily Says Go. My blog is mostly personal style / outfit posts with lifestyle bits and pieces on occasion. Laura and I met through the wonderful MVC family, and I'm so glad to be here helping her kick off her new Fashion Friday series!

You are too cute.  Spill on some of your favorite places to shop so we can look like you!

J.Crew is my favorite, and I spend a majority of my shopping budget there. For more affordable options I like H&M, Target and Forever21. I browse tons of stores online too.

You were an NFL Cheerleader!  Did that have any effect on your style or did you learn any fun beauty tricks?

My time as an MVC is where I came upon my love of a red lip. A lot of people are afraid of red lipstick, but every single one of us wore it and it looked pretty on everyone!

What inspires your fashion?  Who are your biggest influences?

I get fashion inspiration from lots of places. Blogs, magazines, movies, TV. I always joke that my mom is my stylist. I constantly ask her for advice. We'll go shopping and she'll find the perfect thing that I probably would never have glanced twice at. She also encourages me not to be afraid to wear this or that. I trust her - if she tells me it's good, I believe her, because she'll also tell me if it's bad. She has great taste.

Any house or craft projects on the horizon?

Hmmm. Not really at the moment. I'm dying for spring to get here so I can plant new flowers in my window boxes, rake all the dead winter debris out of my grass and baby my peonies until they bloom. We have four huge peony plants in our backyard in my favorite soft blush pink color. When they bloom in the spring I have vases of them all over the house and the smell is just incredible. I look forward to it all winter!

Does your hubs have any influence on your style?

Haha, actually my man has little to no interest in fashion. He never makes demands on what I wear. His usual response when I come down the stairs in whatever getup I've picked out is to do a once-over and say "Hey cutie." Sometimes he'll make assessments like "Lumberjack" or "Sailor."  He did request that I not wear my tutu to his office Christmas party, which made me laugh, because, like, duh. :) He's such a sweetie.

Thanks, Lily!


  1. What a great feature! I love her blog and she has great taste!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  2. Thanks for having me Laura! Can't wait for your post tomorrow! :)

  3. How fun! I featured Lily on my blog Monday.
    Xo Inna
    Baking in Couture

  4. I have been following Lily. That tutu skirt has become her trade mark lol.
    XO Milly

  5. Super cute feature. Love Lily's blog!

    xo Ashley

  6. So fun! I love Lily's blog - happy to have found yours as well!
    Isn’t That Charming.

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