Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Closet Remix Challenge - Week 4 (Part 1)

I can't believe it is already Week 4 of the Closet Remix Challenge!  Anyone else doing this?  I love following all of the Instagram fashionistas during this challenge.  So inspirational!  Check out my Week 1, Week 2 Part 1, Week 2 Part 2, and Week 3!

I was in Buffalo for work Sunday-Tuesday, so I had to pack for a carry-on.  Not one of my strengths.  But I did it!  I wasn't the best at taking photos either.  I wore the outfit that may or may not be seen on this week's Fashion Friday because it was comfy, easy to move around in (for packing and unpacking a booth - not an easy task) and still looked semi professional.

We got to the airport early and had the best breakfast ever - Buffalo wings!

Our 10:30AM Buffalo flight to Chicago left on time - then was diverted to Detroit because of icy Chicago weather.  No problem with me - I would rather be diverted then in any sort of plane trouble!!  Well, we ended up being at the Detroit airport from about noon to 8pm.  This was me most of the day, and I will call my parka my Tuesday outfit.

At least this gave me plenty of time to shop for a monkey for Nate (well, usually ends up for the little girls.  But when I buy it I think of Nate).

I am back to reality!  Flying drugs are still wearing off, ears still haven't popped and I am coming down with a cold so I wanted something cozy for work.  Hearts cardigan from Forever 21 (also seen on date night here), sequin pocket t-shirt super old from Old Navy, MiH reddish pants, Urban Outfitters necklace (told you I wear it almost daily!).

Will post Thursday and Friday's outfits sometime this weekend!  Now I need to decide if I want to go to bed early to try and fight this cold or catch up on the Bachelor...hmmm...

Also, did you check out Lily's page yet?  Just love that girl!  Thanks for the love, Lily!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Closet Remix Challenge - Week 3

Week 3!  I'm making it!  See Week 1 here, and Week 2 here and here.

Last Saturday was our Valentine's date and we ate at Wildfire (I could drink the Shrimp and Crab Bisque like water) and saw Argo.  Loved both!  I did end up wearing the outfit I thought I would.

Blurry of course

Whenever I feel like my outfits aren't exciting enough, I add a massive and/or colorful necklace and it seems to solve this issue.  This is another necklace I found on a super cheap Facebook special that I paired with an H&M cardigan (that I have had for YEARS!  No clue how this doesn't have a hole yet), Limited tank, and MiH grey/pale blue pants.

Per usual, I love me some polka dots!  Paired this fun Target button down with the UO necklace, and MiH jeans.

Sniff attack by Sprinks!

I'm loving this Target blouse (holy bargain shopper over here).  It has a slight puffy shoulder and covers the buns (yesssss).  Paired with my favorite teal JBrand jeans and grey-ish necklace.  Also seen on Fashion Friday!

I love attempting to mix prints and thought this was a good one!  Forever 21 cardigan, Express tank, Urban Outfitters necklace and NY&Co pants.

Love casual Friday!  Gingham and hot pink seem to be made for each other.  Old Navy shirt, H&M cardigan, Etsy necklace, JBrand jeans.

Off to Buffalo for a work trip!  Have a great week!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Monogram back on the door - need to make my St Patty's Day wreath!

Chimi and her tongue. :)

Making outfits.  Pining for Spring!

Waiting for their daddy.  So cute!

Checking my makeup with a selfie.  Normally I would delete because it is shameful to take selfies, but I am loving the work Kelly has been doing on my brows!!  Go see her right now!

Valentine's workout gear.

Sprinks ran out of food so was very happy to make the trip to get more.

Couldn't stop craving the Wildfire Chopped Salad so I got one to-go for lunch!

Rhinestone heaven!

Thank you Jesus for this so I can fly on my work trip to Buffalo tomorrow!  Note to others...if you have a fear of flying do not watch the movie Flight right before a trip...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Friday!

This is my first ever Fashion Friday!  Read my preview and thoughts on Fashion Friday here.

For the first Fashion Friday...brights!  I love color in life - especially on clothing.  Winter weather doesn't stop me from dressing in tropical colors!  This blouse is from Target, necklace Francesca's, and shoes TJMaxx.  It was LOVE at first sight when I found these pants. #tallgirlprobs  Do you dare wear brights in the middle of Winter?

Photos taken by Lindsey Koch Photography.

Had to show more photos of Lindsey...just to make her blush a little. And me, too, I guess!  

Clearly we learned how to dance at the same junior high mixers...
Wedding photos taken by Emma Freeman Photography.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blog Feature - Lily Says Go!

Since tomorrow is the first Fashion Friday, I wanted to get a little prep for what I hope Fashion Friday to be some day.  Meet Lily from Lily Says Go!  This is one of my favorite fashion blogs to read, not only because I know Lily but because she is one of the most fashionable and cutest people alive!  Her style to me can be described as sweet and romantic mixed with a bit of preppy but with an edge.  She is also a somewhat new blogger and has given me great advice on my little blog!

Tell us about yourself!

Hi guys! I'm Lily and I blog over at Lily Says Go. My blog is mostly personal style / outfit posts with lifestyle bits and pieces on occasion. Laura and I met through the wonderful MVC family, and I'm so glad to be here helping her kick off her new Fashion Friday series!

You are too cute.  Spill on some of your favorite places to shop so we can look like you!

J.Crew is my favorite, and I spend a majority of my shopping budget there. For more affordable options I like H&M, Target and Forever21. I browse tons of stores online too.

You were an NFL Cheerleader!  Did that have any effect on your style or did you learn any fun beauty tricks?

My time as an MVC is where I came upon my love of a red lip. A lot of people are afraid of red lipstick, but every single one of us wore it and it looked pretty on everyone!

What inspires your fashion?  Who are your biggest influences?

I get fashion inspiration from lots of places. Blogs, magazines, movies, TV. I always joke that my mom is my stylist. I constantly ask her for advice. We'll go shopping and she'll find the perfect thing that I probably would never have glanced twice at. She also encourages me not to be afraid to wear this or that. I trust her - if she tells me it's good, I believe her, because she'll also tell me if it's bad. She has great taste.

Any house or craft projects on the horizon?

Hmmm. Not really at the moment. I'm dying for spring to get here so I can plant new flowers in my window boxes, rake all the dead winter debris out of my grass and baby my peonies until they bloom. We have four huge peony plants in our backyard in my favorite soft blush pink color. When they bloom in the spring I have vases of them all over the house and the smell is just incredible. I look forward to it all winter!

Does your hubs have any influence on your style?

Haha, actually my man has little to no interest in fashion. He never makes demands on what I wear. His usual response when I come down the stairs in whatever getup I've picked out is to do a once-over and say "Hey cutie." Sometimes he'll make assessments like "Lumberjack" or "Sailor."  He did request that I not wear my tutu to his office Christmas party, which made me laugh, because, like, duh. :) He's such a sweetie.

Thanks, Lily!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Coming Soon - Fashion Friday!

One of my super talented childhood friends (and bridesmaid) Lindsey, is an amazing photographer and owns her own business - Lindsey Koch Photography!  She took our Christmas card pictures and does family portraits, babies, senior pictures, you name it!  Check out her Facebook page here.

Lindsey is so sweet and generous and wanted to help me with my retched cell phone only pictures in posts.  Now we can get some actual photography skill in here with her help of a new section - Fashion Friday!

I think fashion is such a way to express yourself and I absolutely LOVE seeing others personal style.  I have always tried to be creative with what I have (ask my mom - she always brings up my pastel floral jeans with neon penguin sweater combination - but thank you mom for always letting me dress myself and learn the hard way!)  I also get very inspired by other fashion blogs and try to recreate in my own way what they wear.  In no way am I pushing these brands/labels or even styles and I know I am NOT a model. This is just one way I love being creative and love to share!

Not sure I will be proactive and ready to have this for every Friday, but I will try!  Sneak peak below of what is to come!