Monday, January 21, 2013

New Look!

Last week was crazy!  So much going on with life and work that I didn't get much time to post.  BUT there is some big news over here - a new look to the blog!  Hope it is easier on the eyes than the monstrosity of a template that was previously here.

Another piece of exciting news...we ordered a bed!  The master is going to look very different!  Totally different than the beds I had been pinning and saving, but we are super excited about it.  Nate is in love with tufted beds and I really like them, so this was a great find!  Now Nate's 6'7" self and my 6' self can stretch in a King bed!  Yahoo!  Well, once we get the bed we can.  We decided we are going to wait for it to be in the room until we pick out our bedding.  Probably sticking with grays and maybe a slight punch of purple.  I'm excited to update once the bed arrives!

Let's hope this weather gets much warmer ASAP!  The little girls are freezing their tiny toes in this!  And Nate is gone on a work trip this week (sad face) so I am a single mom to take them out by myself in this.  Fellow Minnesota dog owners - I feel your pain!

Now it is Bachelor time!  Have a great week!

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