Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Bed!

This week has been crazy!  We went mattress shopping on Monday, Tuesday my mom came up and we had a delicious dinner at Oceanaire and Nate took apart and moved our bed to a guest bedroom, and then today my sweet mom stayed at our place to accept deliveries for the bed and bar! 

Good 'ol Nate was a peach and spent a few hours moving the old bed into the guestroom.  There are so many parts!  The bed looks nice in the guest bedroom and will be better for guests now.  Since we are sleeping in the guest bedroom for now we moved the doggy steps with.  Always catering to the pups!    Again, still so boring and needs to be decorated badly.  Looks better than when it was just a mattress, though!

The master looked crazy not having the bed in there.  And so open!

Then today the bed came - hooray!  It looks perfect in there!  And strangely enough, it takes up LESS room than our queen.  Since our queen had the sloped sleigh bed headboard, it went out much further from the wall!  Score!

Once the mattress is in we can start putting the room back together.  Success!

The bar granite also was installed today.  Just in the nick of time for the Super Bowl on Sunday!  It looks so nice but the glue smell has got to go.  I hope the smell goes away and everything with plumbing/fridge/faucet goes as seamlessly as these things today!

Definitely a successful day at our residence.  Successful enough to end on a funny!


  1. The room looks amazing! Love the canvas on top and the color of the whole room! Don’t mind the cord, unless it starts tripping you guys up. The bed is great as is, but you might want to get pillows with different designs just to add contrast.