Sunday, January 6, 2013

Makeup Additions

Some other hints or things I forgot on my original makeup post!  My makeup is always changing.  These are things I currently use (and some have used for quite a while) but if I find something else that I prefer, coloring/season changes, etc., then I am not afraid to switch it up!  And I love watching the MMandLShow and have purchased/tried a lot of the things they mention!


First and foremost, in my first makeup post I didn't list that I ALWAYS use an eyeshadow primer.  Eyes have oils and it is totally pointless to put on any sort of shadow without a primer first.  I literally will not put shadow on if I forgot/ran out of primer.  Two that I love are Nyx in Skintone (been using this one the most - like concealer for your eyelids!) and Urban Decay.

I also forgot to list that when I go all out (like on family picture day) I use Jane Iredale black pencil in my water line.  It glides so nicely!  I don't use pencil eyeliner otherwise, because it spreads, tugs on eyes, and never stays where it is supposed to.  Or I will touch my face and smudge it - never a good look.

If you need a good sharpener for the Brow Duality (and for anything else) I love the Nars sharpener.  Well worth $6.

I love the Bobbi Brown bronzer, however I do not use it everyday.  Too pricey!  Bronzers and concealers are two things that I love to purchase and try out as well, so I have a few options.  I have been using the Rimmel Natural Bronzer and it is ok, not sure I will buy again. But works for everyday.  I do love the Sephora bronzer/blush duo.  I don't see it on their store right now but looks similar to this (just missing the blush half).

I cannot survive without using eye cream every morning and night after washing my face.  I have pretty dry skin and I swear the Dermalogica eye cream is like a dam for wrinkles.  Hold 'em back!  I am not afraid of wrinkles (especially smile wrinkles - those make me happy because it means the wearer of the wrinkles is a happy person!) but am a believer of hydration of all kinds.  But skincare could be a whole other post!

Another important beauty must for pictures - a spray tan!  The combination of a spray tan, the Loreal True Match and Laura Gellar Balance and Brighten I mentioned is amazing!  I know this isn't practical for everyday, but for pictures it is necessary.  Camera flash makes EVERYONE look pale, bring out eye bags, etc., and a spray tan minimizes that.  NO BED TANNING!  Too dangerous!

Something I am working on finding is a makeup desk chair (I like having a chair back) and also better lighting.  Our bedroom is SO dark and is difficult to do accurate makeup!  I do love the desk, though.  This has helped immensely!

Lastly, having shaped eyebrows is huge!  You can have the most amazing makeup in the world but if your brows are a hot mess, the makeup isn't going to do anything!  I have always loved great eyebrows and have struggled with mine for a long time.  In the last few years I have been going every six weeks religiously (always schedule before you leave!!) to have them shaped by Kelly at Brogan Skinworks and my brows have never looked better.  We are still working them into their shape but man, she is a brow whisperer!  If you are in the Twin Cities, you need to go see her.  And get a Brazilian while you are there!  :)

I'm sure I am missing more, this will be an ongoing discussion!


  1. Sweet! I have both the NARS sharpener and Anastassia Brow duality! ANNND I love Kelly! She is the best! Love your blog, I will be back to read some more!
    Yvette Iris

    1. Isn't Kelly amazing?? Love her! Thanks for stopping by!