Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dining Room Curtains

We ordered our dining room curtains the same time we ordered our front room curtains and they finally came!  I am now officially curtain obsessed and want to make sure all of our windows have treatments! 

Our dining room looked very plain before (Chimi thought so, too, and left her seal toy in the pic).

Now after!  Curtains are up!  These are from West Elm.

Nate is so-so on them because he thought they had the grommet top like all of our other curtains, but it doesn't bother me.  I still think these look nice.  We also need to change the dining room color - it is one of the only rooms with color on the walls but we thought it would be more golden toned and it is lime! 

I like how you can see both rooms of curtains standing in one spot.

Things are coming together!  One of my biggest projects next is picking out a lot of wall colors.  I would have every wall in a bold color if it was up to me, but Nate would leave as is if it were up to him.  So we have some negotiating to do.

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