Monday, January 14, 2013

Bar Is Up!

I had such a fun weekend!  Brother, sister in law and nephew came into town from Chicago!  We had lots of fun hanging out, hitting the Mall of America, eating the best wild rice soup in the world at Zuppa Cucina, and watching Tyler be his funny self!  Makes me sad when they leave, though.  We will take a Chicago trip to see them soon when nephew #2 arrives!

On Sunday I had some girlfriends over for a mini-party!  Check out my friend Melissa - could she be more gorg???

Then today, we had a big delivery!  Cannot believe it...we have cabinets!  Now it is actually starting to look like a bar!

It fits really well in the space and we love how it is looking so we are relieved. :)

Sprinkles already went a little crazy and wanted to bar-tend.

Also, had a major J Brand score this weekend and found these teal jeans I have been lusting after since I saw this post on Running on Happiness is 2011!  It is SO HARD for me to find pants that fit well because I have a 37" inseam.  My favorite jeans are either MiH (which I have an order shipping as we speak from their sale - fingers crossed they fit!) or J Brand, both which are usually around $200 a pair (but well worth the money for the fit and quality).  So finding these at Nordstrom Rack on clearance is like hitting the tall girl jackpot!  I usually stick to flares (Marrakesh from MiH and Bell Bottoms/Love Story from J Brand) - I feel like they shorten my legs (I know, tall girls have weird problems) and just look the best on me.  They also have a normal to high rise which hides the muffin top!  Also, flares proportion out my large derriere.  Hooray for long pant finds!

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